Water Bottle Living World

Rabbit Water Bottle Living World

Living World Secure Water Bottle

Secure water bottle for small rabbits with protective cover. Colour: transparent.

The rabbit bottle can be mounted either vertically OR horizontally inside your rabbit´s cage.

Due to its unique design this water bottle is a simple and secure way to provide your rabbits with water.

A spring loaded ball and o-ring in the spout prevent the water from draining.

Manufactured from durable plastic and thus protects the water from contamination. The bottle is also easy to clean.

The water remains fresh and clean till the last drop. When it runs out simply fill it up again.

Volume 250ml RRP: £4.99
Volume 500ml RRP: £8.99
Volume 1000 ml RRP: £10.99

Rabbit Water Dispenser Bottle 1000ml