Indoor Rabbit Cage Litter

Indoor Rabbit Cage Litter

Choosing litter for your Indoor Rabbit Cage

You need to use something that will absorb rabbit urine and preferably odour, that is easy to get into and out of the cage and then get rid of, and something that isn't a hazard to your pet rabbit.

Do not use wood shavings or sawdust indoors; they go everywhere and can also irritate rabbit paws and noses.

The simplest solution is to put some straw or hay on top of old newspaper, however be aware that newspaper is not very absorbent and you will probably need to change it every day to avoid unpleasant smells.

Wood, paper or straw-based cat litters are the most popular choices for indoor rabbit owners, but avoid 'clumping' clay based litters as these can cause intestinal obstructions in rabbits.

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