Rabbit Hutch Cover Trixie Natura Giant

Rabbit Hutch Cover: Natura Trixie Natura Giant Hutch & Run
Dimensions: L 116 x W 69 x H 97 cm

Rabbit Hutch Cover - Trixie Natura Giant

Protect your rabbit and hutch against wind, snow, and rain, Material: Nylon. Keeps your hutch attractive and functional! For Trixie Natura Giant Hutch & Run Medium.

This protective rabbit hutch cover is ideal for rabbits that are kept outside the entire year. It is insulating waterproof breathable and easily attached to your rabbit cage.

Simply lay the cover over your rabbit hutch and fasten it into place with the zipper in the back and the Velcro underneath. In front of the hutch's door the cover can be rolled up with Velcro.

A portion of the cover also is designed to roll up to expose transparent plastic in front of the hutch´s window.

There is a screen integrated into the plastic to encourage circulation. An additional opening allows you to easily mount and refill your rabbit´s water bottle. The roof and the door can be completely opened with the cover still attached.

The rabbit hutch is completely covered by the breathable insulating and water proof cover. Your little bunny will be protected from all sorts of weather as if he were in a rabbit hole. Size 116 cm x 69 cm x 97 cm fits the Medium size of Trixie Natura Giant Hutch & Run.

The cover for the large hutch is unavailable.

Please note This hutch cover reduces the amount of heat lost due to cold outdoor temperatures. However in cases of extreme cold a hutch cover will not suffice. In such cases the temperature inside the hutch should be checked. For strong healthy pets kept in pairs this temperature should never dip below 0°C (and with guinea pigs it should preferably kept a little higher) since even pets with thick fur are not designed to cope with such temperatures. If your pet is kept alone is weakened or sick it should be kept in warmer temperatures. Accustom your pet to outdoor temperatures slowly to give time to grow out it´s winter coat.

Size 116 cm x 69 cm x 97 cm.

RRP: £39.90

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