Large Rabbit Cage

A large rabbit cage for your rabbit

Rabbit Run
Kerbl Wooden

Rabbit Run Kerbl 4 Sided Wooden

Large, folding wooden run with pegs and fence top.

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If rabbits are not given daily exercise they may suffer from skeletal pain and become very unhealthy. Keeping a single rabbit in a rabbit hutch is not good rabbit care, rabbits are active and social animals; ideally rabbits should be kept in pairs and be given a large rabbit cage with lots of toys and stimuli to exercise their minds and body.

Ideas 4 Large Rabbit Cage toys.

Cardboard Boxes.

The cardboard box is perhaps one of the best toys ever invented, as anyone with children will know; cardboard boxes can often be more popular than the toys that come in them. Put a large cardboard box, filled with shredded paper and with a rabbit size hole in the side into your large rabbit cage to create a fantastic play area. If your rabbit cage is large enough several smaller cardboard boxes are great for rabbits to throw around; extra interest can be created by putting different treats inside each one.


Shredded paper, screwed up paper or a telephone directory can make a fun rabbit toy. Rabbits enjoy tearing paper, throwing it around their rabbit cage and hiding under it.

Fruit Tree Branches.

After you have pruned your fruit trees, place a couple of branches in your large rabbit cage for your rabbits to chew on. Fantastic for creating shade, as a play thing and good for their teeth too.

Digging Box.

If your large rabbit cage is on a hard surface, or you don’t want holes in your lawn, provide a deep tray containing shredded paper, hay, leaves from rabbit safe trees or clean soil for them to dig in. Burying food treats or planting carrots provides extra interest.

Cardboard Tubes.

Large cardboard tubes make great tunnels; they can be used as entrance ways into cardboard boxes or just on their own. If your large rabbit cage is large enough; joined together, tubes can make a labyrinth.


All types of ball make good toys for your rabbit to push around. They can also be hung up for your rabbit to play with.

Large Rabbit Cage Safety.

Do make sure any home-made toys you place in a large rabbit cage are safe:
Check for staples or sharp edges, remove with pliers or sandpaper.
Avoid plastic that rabbits can chew and ingest.
Don’t allow your rabbit to ingest a large amount of paper.
Ensure all plants and soil is free from chemicals.
Only use wood from fruit trees such as apple, don't use wood if don’t know its source.

Rabbit Care Tip

House and hideaway holes allow them to snuggle up just as they would in the wild.

Rabbit Hutch: Natura 120

Rabbit Hutch Natura 120

Rabbit Hutch Natura 120 with Pitched Roof and Large Pen.

Due to its size this hutch is ideal for keeping pairs or small groups of rabbits.

It includes an enclosed hutch area and large enclosed pen, which accessible by the built-in ramp.

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