Creating Large Rabbit Hutches

Creating Large Rabbit Hutches

Creating Large Rabbit Hutches.

In the wild rabbits live in burrows and spend the majority of time foraging for grass, shoots and roots. Living in a large rabbit hutch allows your rabbit to live outside and receive plenty of sunshine and fresh air every day.

Pet Rabbits

An ideal way to house your rabbits is to convert a small shed or Wendy house into a large rabbit hutch. You could put a fence around it to provide a permanent rabbit run area.

The large rabbit hutch must be secure against any predators getting in, but must also guard against your rabbits getting out.

Choose bolt fastenings in preference to turn buttons as they cannot be opened accidentally or by your rabbit. Always ensure you rabbit hutch doors are locked to avoid accidental escape or access by predators such as foxes.

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Large Rabbit Hutch: Outback Supra 2 Storey

Large Rabbit Hutch Outback Supra 2 Storey

The Rabbit Hutch Outback Supra is a quality two storey wooden large rabbit hutch. It is perfect for keeping multiple animals separately. Both levels are identically laid out and equipped.

Each level is divided into a fully-enclosed sleeping area and a living area with mesh wire on two sides.


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