Rabbit Hutch Natura 120 And Large Pen

Rabbit Hutch Trixie Natura Delux with Pitched Roof & Large Pen.
Dimension: 186 x 93 x 146 cm

Rabbit Hutch: Trixie Natura Delux with pitched roof and large pen

This large rabbit hutch with large pen provides an ideal opportunity for exercise any time your rabbit wants due to the built-in ramp and large ground level cage.

Due to its large size, this rabbit hutch is ideal for appropriate and humane keeping of pairs or groups of rabbits. It includes a large enclosed hutch area and offers a closed area for quiet retreat.

The rabbit hutch can be opened from the front.

The plastic-coated base tub is removable and especially quick and simple to clean.

The outdoor enclosed cage has a front and side door. An additional "attic" can be used as a storage area or can be filled with straw in the winter to offer better insulation.

The pine is treated with a special stain and similarly the roof is specially coated. This makes the rabbit hutch waterproof and suitable for use in winter.

L186 x W93 x H146 cm
Includes sliding-door from enclosed hutch area to outdoor pen enclosure

RRP: £299.00

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