Rabbit Travel Cage Petty

Rabbit Travel Cage: Pet Carrier Petty
Dimensions: L 35 x W 25 x H 25 cm

The Pet Carrier Petty makes an ideal Rabbit Travel Cage for smaller pet rabbits

Traveling tends to be stressful for our small friends, even for shorter trips, for example to the veterinarian.

This means that it is important for your pet rabbit to feel safe.

With appropriate travel cage you can help make the best of it for your rabbit.

This pet carrier makes the perfect rabbit travel cage to help your pet be calm and feel safe.

  • The opaque base protects from the sides
  • Plenty of open slots provide fresh air The transparent roof provides plenty of light inside the carrier

The box is easy to carry due to the double handles.

Dimensions of Rabbit Travel Cage: Pet Carrier Petty

  • 35 x 25 x 25 cm (LxWxH)

RRP: £10.99

Rabbit Travel Cage Pet Carrier Petty