Indoor Rabbit Hutch Selection

Indoor Rabbit Hutch Selection

Indoor Rabbit Hutch Selection

When you are looking for a rabbit hutch you will see several hutches in different sizes, some will claim to be suitable for hamsters, some for guinea pigs, some for rabbits.

Be careful; just because the manufacturer claims the hutch is suitable for a rabbit does not mean it is the best environment in which to keep your rabbit fit and healthy.

To keep a rabbit fit and healthy means giving it plenty of space for exercise, so it shouldn’t be confined to its indoor rabbit hutch all the time anyway, but when in its hutch it should always have enough space to stretch out, turn around and be comfortable.

Always buy the largest rabbit hutch you can afford or that will fit in the space you have available.

Get The Largest Rabbit Hutch You Can.

You should always get the largest rabbit hutch you can; a hutch can never be too big.

The smallest size for an indoor rabbit hutch for an average sized rabbit is 150cm x 60cm x 60 cm, and no matter how big your rabbit's hutch is; it will still extra space to run around and stay healthy; a much larger outdoor rabbit run is ideal for this.

Indoor Rabbit Hutch Floor

As an alternative to an indoor rabbit hutch you could be considering a dog crate, as generally they are available in much larger sizes.

This is a good idea, but you should take care if the dog cage has a wire floor. You should either replace or cover the floor to protect the feet of your rabbit.

Indoor Rabbit Hutch Door

As your rabbit is not going to spend all its time in its indoor rabbit hutch you should consider how easy it is for you to get your rabbit in and out of the hutch, or how easy it is for your rabbit to get in and out for itself.

A large door that is big enough so that when you are holding your rabbit you can lift it out without injury to you or your rabbit is recommended. If you are going to allow you rabbit to get in and out by itself you should ensure there is nowhere for it to get caught and that ledges at the entrance are as low as possible.

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Rabbit Hutch:
Kerbl Alpine Tyrol

Rabbit Hutch Kerbl Alpine Tyrol

The Tyrol rabbit hutch will make your garden seem as if it is on an alpine pasture!

This rabbit hutch has unique charm and many useful features, such as two levels, 4 doors and easy assembly.


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