Rabbit Run Security

Rabbit Run Security

Rabbit Run Security

Rabbits need an exercise area in addition to a hutch for sleeping in. A rabbit run allows them to stretch their legs and provides the space for toys to play with.

A rabbit run will need to be secure and this includes the walls and floor (as rabbits do like to dig). Whilst keeping your rabbit securely inside is important, equally important is the need to keep your rabbit safe from predators.

Rabbit Run Walls

Weld mesh attached firmly to a frame provides a secure rabbit run with plenty of light and ventilation. The mesh should be small enough to prevent your rabbit putting its head out and predators putting their paws in.

Rabbit Run Floor

Rabbits are expert diggers, so rabbit runs should have something to prevent rabbits digging out. Either place the rabbit run on paving slabs with boxes of earth for your rabbits to dig in or continue the weld mesh under the rabbit run.

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