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Rabbit Water Bottle Source

Rabbit Water Bottle - Source

Plastic water bottle for pet rabbits, drip-free and with special stainless steel valve; attach to the cage and refill from the top.

This rabbit water bottle from quality plastic features a horizontal drinking piece from stainless steel.

It is equipped with an anti-drip valve that makes drinking easy for your rabbit and keeps the cage dry.

The top features a lid for refilling. Add water vitamin drops or medicine conveniently without the need to take the bottle off the cage!

The water bottle is attached to the cage with a rubber band (included) and two stainless steel hooks. A deep groove on the bottle prevents sliding and keeps the water bottle securely in place.

Volume 300ml RRP: £8.99
Volume 600ml RRP: £10.99
Volume 1000 ml RRP: £12.99

Rabbit Water Dispenser Bottle 1000ml