Rabbit Run Trixie

Rabbit Run: Tixie Outdoor Metal Run
Dimensions: L 216 x W 116 x H 65 cm

Rabbit Run: Trixie Outdoor Metal Run.

Galvanized rectangular rabbit run with two doors in the roof and two drop-down doors on the side. Perfect as an addition to a small rabbit hutch.

This rabbit run is easy to set up the elements fit together by placing rods through matching threads. These rods can then be pushed through into the ground for anchorage.

The top covering prevents your rabbit from jumping out of the run and offers ideal protection from birds of prey and cats.

The bars are spaced at approx. 3.3 cm apart for both run models.

  • Measure of roof opening 520 x 580 mm
  • Measure of side door 185 x 185 mm
  • Large side door 440 x 380 mm

Please Note: It is recommended not to leave your pet rabbit in the run without protection from the sun! If there are foxes in your region the run is not strong enough to protect your pet from larger animals such as foxes. The bar space of both models is 3.3 cm and smaller pets could get stuck between the bars which may lead to injuries. Don´t leave your pets in the run unattended.

Dimensions: 144 x 116 x 58cm (L x W x H) 110 cm
RRP: £69.90
ZooPlus Price: £59.90
Dimensions:144 x 116 x 58cm (L x W x H) 110 cm
RRP: £99.90
ZooPlus Price: £69.90

Rabbit Run Trixie Outdoor Metal Run