Rabbit Hutch Forest With Run

Rabbit Hutch: Forest With Run
Dimensions: L 122 x W 152 x H 116 cm

Rustic hutch for rabbits, with extra large run, perfect for outdoor rabbits, effortless assembly

Rabbit Hutch Forest With Run is an outdoor home for pet rabbits that need lots of space to roam.

This rabbit hutch is made from premium timber.

The rabbit hutch itself features a separate sleeping area and can be comfortably opened through a hatch in the mesh and a wooden door at the front. A lockable hatch with ramp gives your pet rabbit access to the outdoor run underneath and can be closed when you want your pet rabbit to stay inside.

A removable plastic tray at the bottom of the rabbit hutch and the hinged roof make cleaning out quick and easy.

The mesh roof of the rabbit run is hinged for access.

Rabbit Hutch Forest With Run at a glance:

  • Overall external measurements (including run) L 152 x D 122 x H 116 cm
  • External measurements hutch L 122 x W 52 x H 56 cm
  • Measurements run L 152 x W 122 x H 61 cm
  • Roof overhang 5/1 cm (front/back}
  • Wooden door L 45 x W 38 cm
  • Mesh door front L 40 x W 25 cm
  • Tray L 68/72 x W 39/45 cm (inside/outside)
  • Mesh size 2.6 cm Ramp width 14 cm
  • Made from spruce.

Dimensions of Rabbit Hutch Forest With Run:

  • 122 x 52 x 110 cm (LxWxH)

RRP: £199.00

Rabbit Hutch Forest With Run