Rabbit Travel Cage

Rabbit Travel Cage

Rabbit Hutch: Natura 120 with Pitched Roof & Ground Enclosure

Rabbit Hutches Natura 120 with Pitched Roof and Ground Enclosure - Medium

The Rabbit Hutch Natura 120 with Pitched Roof provides your pet rabbit with the ideal opportunity for exercise due to the built-in ramp and enclosed ground level run.

The hutch also has an indoor space which can be used as an retreat for sleeping or quiet time for your pet.


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Rabbit Hutch

A rabbit cage for travelling with your rabbit

From time to time it may be necessary for your rabbit to travel. Perhaps a visit to the vets or a longer journey; if you prepare in advance your rabbit's trip will be much less traumatic.

Confined Spaces

It seems rabbits prefer to be in a confined space when travelling – they feel safer. Traditional wicker baskets are very smart, but are not designed as rabbit cages and rabbits may soon chew their way out!

More practical are study plastic pet cages that are easy to clean, have a strong carrying handle, have a plastic coated metal grid door and are slated to let in light and provide a good air circulation – a perfect travelling rabbit cage.

Familiarise your rabbit with its travelling rabbit cage.

It is important to familiarise your rabbit with its travelling rabbit cage before embarking on a journey. For a few days beforehand place bedding and food in the rabbit cage and let your rabbit discover it; curiosity will win out and your rabbit will explore the rabbit cage.

Leave the rabbit cage around for a few days, allowing your rabbit to come and go as it pleases; soon it will view the rabbit cage as a new home and you can confidently set off on your journey.

Before Setting Off

Before setting off, make sure the rabbit cage provides access to food and water. Your normal water bottle may be rather messy so experiment with bowls that can be attached to the bars of the rabbit cage. Provide a few favourite food treats to entice your rabbit into its travelling cage and keep it happy throughout the journey.

Stabilise The Rabbit Cage

Consider how to stabilise the rabbit cage in the car, you do not want it flying around if you have to stop suddenly; can it be trapped behind a seat or secured using a seat belt? If the journey is by public transport it is advisable to keep the rabbit cage on your lap for the journey.

Try to take regular breaks, keep the air in the vehicle circulating and cool. If the rabbit cage is in the sun try to drape damp fabric over it to avoid distress. Do not leave your rabbit in its cage in a locked vehicle unattended, as with any animal, death can occur quite quickly as temperatures inside the vehicle soar.

When You Arrive

When you arrive, immediately open the rabbit cage and allow your rabbit to come out in its own time. Put out fresh food and a few treats to entice them into their new surroundings.

It is not unusual for rabbits to stay in their rabbit cage or appear unsettled or frightened; take time with familiarisation and your rabbit will come to regard a trip in its rabbit cage as an adventure rather than with alarm.

Rabbit Travel Cage:
Pet Carrier Petty

Rabbit Travel Cage Pet Carrier Petty

Travelling, even short distances, can be stressful for pet rabbits, the Pet Carrier Petty makes an ideal Rabbit Travel Cage for smaller pet rabbits.

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