Outdoor Rabbit Hutch In Winter

Outdoor Rabbit Hutch in Winter

Rabbit Hutch: Family

Rabbit Hutches Family

This rabbit hutch has no limits! Expecting additional rabbits? No problem - you always have the possibility to expand with Rabbit Hutch Family.

The hutch allows you to attach additional rabbit hutches side by side or stacked.

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Outdoor Rabbit Hutch in Winter

If your rabbit is going to remain in its outdoor rabbit hutch all Winter you should ensure it has somewhere warm and cosy to sleep. A 'sleeping pod' should be placed inside the rabbit hutch - this can be a box just big enough for your rabbit to snuggle down in that is free from draughts is ideal. This will allow your rabbit to warm up much quicker. Provide extra insulation with newspapers, sawdust, wood shavings or hay in the sleeping area.

Pet Rabbits

Winter Feeding

Outdoor rabbits don't hibernate and need extra energy just to stay warm during Winter. You need to provide them with this extra energy by giving them more food and, maybe, some extra treats!

Drinking Water

Check your rabbit's drinking water at least twice a day to ensure the sprout is free from ice. We recommend you change your rabbit's drinking water every day, replacing the freezing cold water with water at room temperature.

If you are still having problems with freezing water you can try insulating the bottle with bubble wrap, socks or polystyrene, but make sure your rabbit can't eat the insulation!


Rabbits don't hibernate, if your rabbit seems to be asleep all the time, make sure you are supplying it with sufficient food and water, if the problem persists take your rabbit to the vet.

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Rabbit Hutch:
Kerbl 4 Seasons

Outdoor Rabbit Hutch Kerbl 4 Seasons Insulated

The Rabbit Hutch Kerbl 4 Seasons is the ideal year round home for your outoor rabbit.

With its insulated walls your pet rabbit will feel just as comfortable in winter and summer as it does in spring and autumn.


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