Rabbit Runs

Rabbit Runs

Selecting a Rabbit Run.

Rabbits need things to keep them occupied, such as plastic tunnels; large plant pots; hay-filled trays and earth to dig in. Wild rabbits spend several hours foraging for food every day so use your imagination to enrich your rabbit’s life.

Rabbit runs are generally either portable and separate from the rabbit hutch or a permanent attachment to the hutch creating an enclosure.

Permanent enclosures require an easily cleaned base such as paving slabs as grass will quickly get dug up and may turn to mud.

Pet Rabbits

Portable Rabbit Runs

Portable rabbit runs on grass should have a wire-mesh floor to prevent rabbits digging out. If the hutch isn't permanently attached to the rabbit run you should incorporate a covered area within the rabbit run for the rabbits to shelter or hide in.

Permanent Rabbit Runs

Ideally a rabbit run should be permanent and attached to the hutch so that the rabbits can choose whether to be in or outdoors.

The rabbit run should allow plenty of space to hop, jump and exercise; the bigger the better, your rabbit will certainly appreciate being provided with a large rabbit run.

The minimum size for two rabbits is 2m x 2m, and the rabbit run should be tall enough for your rabbit to stand upright on its back legs.

If it is not possible to have a permanent rabbit run, rabbits should spend time each day in a large free-standing rabbit run that provides shelter, shade and places to hide.

As the sun moves you should consider where shade falls within the rabbit run and ensure rabbits are not in full sunlight.

Selection of Outdoor Rabbit Runs.

Rabbit Run: Natura Outdoor Pen

Rabbit Hutches Natura Outdoor Pen

This outdoor rabbit pen offers good protection for your pet rabbit. The removable roof offers ideal protection from birds of prey and cats and prevents your rabbit from jumping out of the pen.

The rabbit pen has a side door and can easily be folded together. The roof can be fastened down to the rabbit pen with the included clips.


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