Rabbit Hutch Cover Outback Classic

Rabbit Hutch Cover: Outback Classic Hutch & Run

Rabbit Hutch Cover
Outback Classic Hutch & Run

Protection against wind, snow, and rain. The nylon material will keep keep your hutch functional and attractive.

Please note: the cover only fits previous models!

The protective cover is simply extended around your rabbit hutch. On the back side there is a zipper and on the underside there is secure Velcro.

The section in front of the hutch screen is made of clear plastic and can be rolled up and away and secured to the top with Velcro.

Near the top of the clear plastic there is a screen that allows air to flow in/out of the rabbit hutch. An additional opening allows you to monitor and re-fill your rabbit´s water whenever needed.

The roof and hutch door can be opened with the protective cover attached.

Your rabbit hutch will be protected by a breathable warm and water tight cover. Your petrabbit will be safe and sound from the elements and feel right at home as if in a rabbit den.

Size of cover for Outback Classic I & Run 96.5 x 47 x 83.5 cm (LxWxH)
Size of cover for Outback Classic II & Run 108 x 59 x 87 cm (LxWxH)

Attention: The cover and hutch are sold separately.

Rabbit Hutch Cover for Outback Classic I & Run RRP: £22.90
ZooPlus: £15.90
Rabbit Hutch Cover for Outback Classic I & Run RRP: £24.90
ZooPlus: £16.90

Please note This hutch cover reduces the amount of heat lost due to cold outdoor temperatures. However in cases of extreme cold a hutch cover will not suffice. In such cases the temperature inside the hutch should be checked. For strong healthy pets kept in pairs this temperature should never dip below 0'C (and with guinea pigs it should preferably kept a little higher) since even pets with thick fur are not designed to cope with such temperatures. If your rabbit is kept alone is weakened or sick it should be kept in warmer temperatures. Accustom your pet to outdoor temperatures slowly to give time to grow out it's winter coat.

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