Rabbit Hutch Trixie Natura Red White

Rabbit Hutch: Trxie Natura Giant with Enclosed Rabbit Run - Medium
Dimensions: L 123 x W 76 x H 96 cm

Rabbit hutch: Trixie Natura Red and White.

The red and white Natura rabbit hutch from Trixie will add a colourful focal point to your garden.

Your pet rabbit can go out to the run whenever it wants through the opening in the floor. This can be closed if your pet rabbit should not be going outside.

The rabbit hutch has a sleeping cabin so that your rabbit can hide away and have forty winks.

There is access to the cabin through a door on the front of the hutch.

The roof opens up completely and there is a removable base tray for easy cleaning of the hutch The back wall of the hutch is made from wood and protects your pet from drafts.

There are 2 doors on the front of the hutch and also 1 on each side giving you easy access to your pet.

The Natura Rabbit Hutch at a glance:

  • double storey
  • removable plastic tray so it quick and easy to clean
  • closeable, plastic coated floor hatch
  • made from varnished pinewood
  • strong metal grille, powder coated
  • space between bars 2 cm. Suitable for breeding and young animals
  • run has 2 doors at the front and 1 on each side
  • with sleeping capbin
  • roof opens up
  • winter and weather tight
  • easy to assemble
  • can be extended with a run
  • strong bolt

Size L 123 x W 76 x H 96 cm

RRP: £189.00

Rabbit Hutches Trixie Natura Red And White