The Indoor Rabbit

The Indoor Rabbit

Rabbit Hutch:
Kerbl Alpine Tyrol

Rabbit Hutch Kerbl Alpine Tyrol

The Tyrol rabbit hutch will make your garden seem as if it is on an alpine pasture!

This rabbit hutch has unique charm and many useful features, such as two levels, 4 doors and easy assembly.


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Rabbit Hutch

Indoor Rabbit Care

As the owner of a house or indoor rabbit, it is important to know some rabbit care basics in order to create a safe healthy environment for your pet rabbit.


Indoor Rabbit Food

Like all of us, rabbits enjoy a good meal and a variety. A nice mix of hay, pellets and fresh vegetables as well as fresh water and the occasional treat, will all help to keep your rabbit healthy and happy.


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Indoor Rabbit Litter Training

Litter Training your Indoor Rabbit

Just like a cat most indoor rabbits can be litter box trained. Basically, you just take advantage of your rabbits natural instinct to deposit thier droppings in just one or two places.

Litter training your indoor rabbit


Housing your Indoor Rabbit

There are many options for housing your indoor rabbit: Such as rabbit cages, dog pens, making a custom enclosures or rabbit proofing an indoor room. The best solution will depend on your living arrangements.


Indoor Rabbit Hutches
Indoor Rabbit Cages
Indoor Rabbit Pens

Rabbit Care Tip

Rabbit-proofing your home is essential and a small rabbit play pen may be useful for playtime indoors.

Rabbit Hutch: Natura Compact with Pen

Large Rabbit Hutch Outback Supra 2 Story

The Rabbit Hutch Natura Compact with Pen offers your rabbit the ideal opportunity for exercise due to the built-in ramp and built-in outdoor pen. The closeable base hole offers additional protection.

Due to the stained pine materials and special roof-covering the hutch is wind and weather-proof. In the pitched roof there is a floor to provide space for storing food hay etc. In winter this "attic" space can be filled with straw to provide additional insulation..


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