Selection Of Outdoor Rabbit Runs

Outdoor Rabbit Runs

Selection of Outdoor Rabbit Runs

Whatever the size of your indoor rabbit hutch a rabbit needs frequent exercise, company and fresh air. Covered outdoor rabbit runs are the safest way to achieve this. The run must be escape and predator proof and provide shelter. It is important to allow your rabbits some time to run around every day – it’ll keep them happy and in good shape.

Move the outdoor rabbit run regularly to provide fresh grass to nibble, making sure the grass has not been treated with weed killer or any other harmful substance. Keep away from poisonous garden plants such as chrysanthemums, clematis, cowslips, geraniums, hemlock, laburnum, laurel, ivy, poppies and yuccas.

Outdoor rabbit runs are to provide exercise so should also be as large as possible - ideally, at least 2.5 m x 1.2 m x 60cm tall.

Make sure the rabbit has access to fresh water while in its outdoor rabbit run. The best way to provide this is by attaching a water bottle to the side of the run.

Outdoor rabbit runs with rocks, large terracotta plant pots, logs and toys for them to play amongst are ideal.

Rabbit Run Security.

Rabbit Hutch:
Pagoda with Run

Large Outdoor Rabbit Hutch Pagoda with run

The Rabbit Hutch Pagoda is an attractive rabbit hutch with a difference, featuring a patio and integrated ground level rabbit run.

An ideal and unusual hutch for outdoor rabbits.

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