Rabbit Food Russel Original

Rabbit Food: Russel Original

Russel Original

Premium complete food for adult rabbits. Excellent supplement to the daily ration of hay.

Russel Rabbit Original is a complete daily food for rabbits. The carefully selected mixture of tasty ingredients contains all the vitamins and minerals your pet rabbit needs to stay fit and healthy.

This high-quality visually appealing mixed food is easy to digest and optimally balanced to suit your rabbit´s nutritional requirements.

An added probiotic (Bio-Tec Plus) together with the highly digestible and indigestible fibre content helps maintain healthy digestive functions reduce harmful bacteria and build up levels of beneficial bacteria to boost the immune system and reduce digestive problems.

The variety of ingredients in Russel Rabbit Food stimulates natural feeding patterns and makes sure your rabbit has plenty to chew nibble and gnaw. As rabbit teeth grow through constantly this behaviour wears them down to keep them in good condition.

The protein and fibre contents of Russel Original, Russel Junior and Russel Carrot & Leek are carefully regulated so you can switch between the different blends without risk of stomach problems giving your rabbit a varied and healthy diet.

The most important attributes at a glance:

  • Balanced complete food
  • Rich in fibre
  • Supports the natural intestinal functions
  • Promotes the natural curiosity in searching for food
  • Promotes tooth wear
  • Really tasty
  • No added sugar
 Russel Rabbit Food 2.5 kg  RRP: £7.99
 Russel Rabbit Food 5 kg  RRP: £11.99
 Russel Rabbit Food 15 kg
 RRP: £34.90
ZooPlus: Now £32.90
Rabbit Food Russel Original, complete food for adult rabbits