Rabbit Hutch Castle With Run

Rabbit Hutch: Castle with Run
Dimensions: L 175 x W 70 x H 110 cm

Large Rabbit hutch: Castle with Run.

A large rabbit hutch with a large run, versatile use with detachable sides, ideal for outdoor rabbits.

The Large Rabbit Hutch Castle also features a large run that can be individually adapted and extended with the detachable sides. Doors at the front, a drawer bottom tray and a hinged roof give you access from all sides, making cleaning and catching your rabbits really easy.

The rabbit hutch features a protected sleeping area where your rabbits can retreat.

A hatch with ramp leads to the run where your rabbits will be able to play and graze. The detachable side parts of the run allow you to add extra runs to give your pets even more space.

Rabbit Hutch Castle at a glance:

  • Total size: L 175 × W 70 cm × H 110 cm
  • Size of hutch door/run door front: W 23.5 x H 32.5 cm
  • Size of run doors side: W 47.5 x H 42.5 cm
  • Removable bottom tray
  • With integrated sleeping den
  • Hinged roof covered with roofing felt
  • Integrated run
  • Run access: one door at front and one on each side
  • Two detachable sides
  • Can be extended with further runs
  • From treated spruce
  • Robust metal wire
  • Winter and weather-proof
  • Easy assembly

Size L 175 x W 70 x H 110 cm

RRP: £189.90