Rabbit Hutches – Alternatives

Rabbit Hutches – Alternatives

Rabbits are naturally very active; in the wild they run about for several hours every day. Rabbits shouldn’t be kept in rabbit hutches all the time, or they develop weak bones.

Rabbits can live indoors as house rabbits, in a rabbit hutch, or rabbit cage, or outdoors in a large rabbit hutch with a rabbit run; in either case they should also have access to an exercise run.

Pet Rabbits

There are lots of options: indoor rabbit cages of different designs; adapted wooden playhouses for the garden; and even space-age insulated plastic pods.

Whichever you choose, you will need to adjust the use of part of your house and garden to your pet rabbits.

Rabbits can get very bored if they’re left alone in their hutch when you are not around. So try stimulating natural behaviour by hiding treats around around their rabbit hutch and provide lots of gnawing toys to enhance their quality of life.

Large Rabbit Hutches

Rabbit Care Tip

Wooden willow or willow toys are not only fun to play with, they help to grind their teeth down too.