Creating An Indoor Rabbit Cage

Options for Creating an Indoor Rabbit Cage.

Rabbit Care Tip

Young rabbits may need to be housed separately until they are old enough to be neutered (five to six months old).

Plastic Indoor Rabbit Cage

These are the 'giant hamster cages' commonly seen in pet shops; they are readily available and usually have a deep plastic tray to contain mess. On the down side most are not big enough for rabbits and can be quite flimsy. If choosing a plastic cage be sure to check the security as rabbits have a tendency to get out.

Metal and Wire Indoor Rabbit Cage

These indoor rabbit cages are typically made of weld-mesh panels in either a wooden or galvanised metal frame and only available made to order from specialist rabbit equipment suppliers. They will be heavy and create a rather industrial look for your indoor rabbit cage.

Using a fold up dog cage as a Large Indoor Rabbit Cage

One of the most popular options for indoor rabbit cages is to use a fold up dog cage. This type of cage usually consists of a large-gauge metal mesh frame that folds flat and includes a removable plastic tray. Designed for dogs these cages have terrific headroom for a rabbit and doors with good security and big enough to allow you to lift you rabbit in and out with ease.

Using a playpen as a Large Indoor Rabbit Cage

There are two main playpen designs: The first is designed for puppies; these consist of a modular system with mesh panels linked by clips. The second is designed for children; traditionally wooden-framed and very large, but may require a floor and top for use by a rabbit.

Using baby gates to allow a whole room to be used as a Large Indoor Rabbit Cage.

A baby gate can block off a whole room, it may need adapting with chicken wire or weld mesh to ensure the rabbit cannot get through.

Designer Indoor Rabbit Cage

If you are keeping your rabbit indoors you could commission a bespoke designer indoor rabbit cage to complement your home. Consider your indoor rabbit cage as a piece of furniture that can double up as a coffee table or sideboard.

Indoor rabbit cage litter

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