Rabbit Hutch Outback Corner

Rabbit Hutch: Outback Corner Hutch
Dimensions: L 130 x W 115 x H 95 cm

Rabbit hutch: Outback Corner Hutch.

A two-story wooden outdoor rabbit hutch with a sleeping den and rabbit run. Great space saving corner design!

The top level in divided between a den for sleeping and the actual rabbit hutch. Both areas of the hutch are connected with with an internal hallway.

The rabbit hutch can be accessed through two doors in the front and a hinged roof that opens completely. A removable drawer allows for easy and efficient cleaning.

A ramp connects the top level of the hutch with the ground level rabbit run.

The ramp is covered especially to prevent your pet rabbit slipping. The run also features two large doors to allow you to put your rabbits in and take them out without causing them unnecessary stress.

The special wood treatment and the roof construction makes this unit entirely weatherproof.

Dimensions of Outback Outback Corner Hutch:

  • Total size incl. roof overhang 130 x 115 x 95 cm (LxWxH) sloping down to the rear
  • Roof overhang 4.5 cm
  • Height at front 89 cm
  • Height at rear 95 cm
  • Internal measurements sleeping den L front/rear 60/110.5 x W 52.5 x H 37 cm
  • Internal measurements hutch L front/rear 75/130 x W 52.5 x H 37 cm
  • Door sleeping den 39 x 52 cm
  • Door hutch 39 x 43 cm 2 run doors 25 x 30 cm
  • Thickness of walls 1 cm

Size L 130 x W 115 x H 95 cm

RRP: £219.00

Outdoor Rabbit Hutches Outback Corner