Rabbit Food Menu minus G Complete

Rabbit Food: Menu minusG Complete

Menu minusG Complete

A balanced, top-quality complete food for rabbits. Contains plenty of fibre and roughage. Grain-free.

Menu minusG is a top-quality complete food for rabbits. It provides your pet rabbit with a balanced mix of nutrients.

It is completely grain-free, so it is a suitable species-specific food for rabbits.

It has 26% fibre content to ensure a healthy digestion. Rabbit teeth constantly grow and the coarse fibre contained in the standard sized pellets encourages dental abrasion and helps to reduce the length of your rabbit´s teeth and to prevent dental problems.

 Menu minusG Complete Rabbit Food 1 kg  RRP: £4.99
 Menu minusG Complete Rabbit Food 3 kg  RRP: £10.99


Key ingredient: alfalfa.
Additives: Vitamin A 12000 i.U., vitamin D 800 i.U., vitamin E 70 mg, Copper (copper(II) sulphate), pentahydrate 12.5 mg, calcium propionate.

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